Setting industry standards

on a global scale for future generations

Service Excellence

Our group members have developed highest quality service guidelines and tools throughout the process of project development implementation and operation. Quality Excellence in our organisation is an all encompassing concept for our entire team at corporate, technical, project management and implementation level. Our structured approach to the requirements of our client, as well as our technical excellence and proven methodologies, enable us to offer customer-tailored solutions meeting the unique needs of our clients industry, business and technology.

Our team is highly qualified, flexible and mobile. Working in tandem with our international and local partners and clients we install Austrian quality standards of production, service, development and management for a range of technologies.

Case Report

During the project implementation of our two-phased project in Moldova (Republican Clinical Hospital) we were able to manage the whole process starting with our consulting and engineering services – the procurement process – delivery of equipment from 26 different manufacturers in 13 partial deliveries – supervision of pre-installation & installation works at site and finally training and capacity building.

The efficient realization of our holistic project was achieved by our open project management approach where we tried to share all available information with Hospital leaders, local authorities, construction companies and manufacturers.